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Antibiotic bacteria How Science Finds Answers to Addressing Antibiotic Resistance How Science Finds Answers to Addressing Antibiotic Resistance Posted by Neena Anandaraman, DVM, MPH, DACVPM, Veterinary Science Policy Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist in Research and Science At USDA we use a feedback loop of 1) surveillance and monitoring 2) research, and 3) education and outreach to find science-based answers to challenging questions such as those posed by AR. While USDA has been surveilling AR with our partners for decades, when we find bacteria genes, or trends we don’t always know what it means or what to do about it. This is where research comes in – helping provide context and find solutions. For example, USDA developed a model for removing antibiotics from wastewater economically. Monitoring identifies animal health challenges to study solutions. Just this year, USDA researchers helped develop an oral solution antibiotic alternative that fights against poultry coccidiosis, which costs the poultry industry $3.5 billion annually worldwide. USDA also identified proteins that may be used to prevent respiratory disease in calves, reducing the need for antibiotics.

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So it’s really exciting to take them on a journey with us and to start lifting the lid on what kind of footprint we’ve previously had on traditional satellite uplinks, then remote production, and now with cloud production.” There has already been some excellent work done in this field. Sky, for instance, has gone carbon neutral for all its UK sports OBs this year and also produced its first net carbon zero football match in September, reducing its emissions by 70% and offsetting the remaining 30%. (The important distinction between the two is that achieving ‘carbon neutrality’ is simply a case of purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon reduction credits to balance emissions, whereas ‘net zero’ involves a concerted attempt to reduce emissions with any remaining balance then being offset.) The move towards cloud production, however, throws up several issues as the data on power consumption within data centres, and the way that different cloud workflows impact them, is largely unknown. Mike Ward is head of marketing at Accelerator participant “One of the black holes for us is that we’re a cloud platform, entirely digital cloud native, and so we make assumptions that therefore we are a more environmentally friendly platform than say, going out buying graphics hardware and shipping it around the world. But we don’t know, because we don’t get any measurement from any of our cloud providers. And Sky and BBC and BT Sport were saying the same thing; we just don’t get that data back from them.” Watch  Videos about the Accelerators on IBC Digital One of the powers of the Accelerators is that collective action tends to make industry sectors and individual companies take notice. Both Microsoft and AWS are now onboard and have pledged to share their data, opening what has up to now been a black box with the aim of producing metrics that can be used to inform future decisions regarding sustainable productions. The gut feeling in the industry is that cloud production is more carbon friendly. For example, the equipment at the new breed of centralised production hubs in the industry tends to be left on 24/7 even if it is only used a few hours a day as the risks of it not booting up are unthinkable. Cloud workflows are much better at utilising shared resources across different productions, but all this has yet to be quantified; as has all the other more traditional aspects of a live broadcast, from the fuel in the generators to the food that is served to the crews.